I'm a PROUD mama!

Garrett is doing a wonderful job this year. His first grade teacher is GREAT! She is really organized and that has helped us stay on our toes. In AR reading, Garrett has completed his last two tests making an 80 and a 100! Garrett's reading is improving each week and his confidence is soaring. This week he improved by 60 sight words from the previous week! I am such a proud mama! He worked so hard this week on learning his words. By year's end he is supposed to have at least 400 sight words and he is halfway there. Also he continues to shine in spelling. We were also told that he is very artistic and creative at our parent-teacher conference. His "Alabama" notebook they did in class is wonderful. He drew the capital, the state bird, a large mouth bass, and etc. Again I am a PROUD mama!!!

My Little Jedi Crew

We went shopping at Target today and began looking at all the costumes for Halloween. Garrett found a Yoda costume that was perfect for Brendan! So I decided that my two little men would be Yoda and Obi-Wan! Luckily they had an outfit for Garrett to be Obi-Wan. I had Brendan surprise Patrick as Yoda and these are the pics he got of our little Jedi crew! Enjoy!!!

A Family Weekend at Mom and Dad's

We went to Jasper this past weekend to visit with Brent and Becky, Jill and Dave, and Mom and Dad. We celebrated Claire's 1 year birthday and Ally's 4 year birthday together with everyone. Also it was the first time for everyone to see Griffin! During our visit we got to watch the BAMA game - AMAZINGLY though we survived! All the cousins/grandkids got to play together and it was a pretty smooth weekend all in all. Next visit will be Thanksgiving and looking forward to seeing everyone again. Here are a few pics! Also the Texas Weekend post has been updated with pictures!