The Moon

Yesterday there was the most beautiful full moon. I wanted the boys to come out and admire its beauty! As we were looking at it the boys were loving it. Brendan enjoyed it so much he wanted me to take him back out to see it. When we went out the second time the clouds were covering it a bit. Brendan began to get a little sad...he said "The moon is broken!" I said, "No, its just the clouds." Anyway he thought I said "cows" and he began to say "Moo!" Pretty funny! I love the things kids will say!

When is Thanksgiving Momma?

This morning we discussed why we were off and Garrett told me that because people fought for us. Smart boy! Then he proceeded to ask when was Thanksgiving...Of course I told him in a couple of weeks. His response was this..."Oh yes, I can't wait because I want some "punkin" know that Momma...we had that last year in Mrs. Tindle's class!" I thought that was cute. I was talking to Mom on the phone and she told him she would make his "punkin" pie!