Krispy Kreme and Build-A-Bear

Garrett and I went on a field trip last Friday to Krispy Kreme and Build-A-Bear! The first graders were learning about the production of things from start to finish, so what better way to learn than to see doughnuts being made and to stuff a teddy bear. The people at Build-A-Bear played games with them and kept their attention. What a feat! A lot of the students purchased outfits for their bears, but due to feelings possibly getting hurt they didn't dress the bears there. Garrett decided to make a Spiderman bear - hence the name "Spider Bear"! He loves it and has kept it close to him each night. While there I also made a stuffed monkey for Brendan which I named "Chunky Monkey" of course! We then got to eat at Chick-fil-a and the students got to ride the carousel after eating. We really had an AWESOME time! Check out "Spider Bear" working with Garrett on the computer! LOL!


It has been quite a while since we've seen snow! The boys enjoyed playing in it. I got a few pictures at home with my camera, but right now can't find the cord to upload them. Once it started to melt Patrick took the boys out in the woods to let them play more in it. Here are some pictures he took. Garrett's hair is lovely because he was wearing a hat and when he took it off the hair was a bit crazy. The picture of the two of them walking together holding hands is my favorite!

Growing Up!

February 22nd our baby turned 3! That is so hard for me to believe! He has grown from a 6 pounder to a whopping 38 pounds. He also had to have ear surgery and adenoids taken out the Tuesday before his birthday, but he quickly recovered. Before we left that day from his surgery he was singing to the nurse - "Jesus Loves Me". On his birthday weekend we were brave enough to have a yard sale and then his birthday party with extended family. We bought him his first scooter! Very funny seeing him on it. He and Garrett have enjoyed being able to ride their scooters together. The cake that we had was of course a WALLE one. It was cute, but somewhat looked like there was poo on it! HAHA! Also WALLE, his favorite movie right now, won an Oscar for BEST ANIMATED FILM on his birthday!