Presents, Presents, and Presents!!!

The boys had a great Christmas...all I can say is Presents, Presents, and more Presents! We enjoyed seeing their expressions on their faces. They were extremely excited and loved every minute of it. The hard decision is what to play with first! They are also aware of the reason for the season which is Christ's birth. We talked about it with Garrett and he understands that God sent him to be born and then die later for us on the cross for our sins. I believed in Santa as a child and also understood the reason for the season as well! There is no harm in letting a child use his imagination ...that's a part of childhood! We also watched the Disney Christmas Parade and had a wonderful breakfast made by mom.

Trip to see Santa

We took the boys last weekend to see Santa! It was a long wait, but worth it! We waited 40 minutes. In the meantime we talked to several families around us. We also let Garrett write a quick letter to Santa...he asked for a 4 wheeler. Oh well...he may be somewhat disappointed... that will have to wait till birthday time. He is getting plenty! Brendan told Santa he wanted a dumptruck and WALLE of course. We also rode the train around the fountain.

Deck the Halls

Just wanted to share my Christmas decorations with you all! I have Patrick to thank for putting up the lights on the house. Unfortunately before we could get a picture of the house...a few lights went out. I'm still proud of how it looks! Our house is one of about eight in the neighborhood that is decked out for Christmas! I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas and Alabama Photos '08

Mom came down to help me with the boys to get their pictures taken. Needless to say I NEEDED her help. The wait was of course a long one-from about 2:40-3:45-finally got them in, photos taken until about 5:20, and then prints were received at 6:00! At least they had a Lego table where the boys enjoyed playing. While we waited for the prints we walked around at Midtown Village and shopped a little. In the meantime mom was wanting to get back to Jasper to hear the Lamb Family in concert. They are AWESOME! Well I was trying to call Patrick to come and meet us, but accidentally somehow linked the wrong person...trucker answered and I didn't realize until about 2 to 3 minutes into the conversation...that it was NOT Patrick and I had rambled on talking that the guy hadn't had a chance to say that it was the wrong number. Pretty funny though, I told the person to come pick me up...he said okay SWEETIE! What a good laugh I got out of that one! Anyway these are just a few sweet pics from the photo shoot at Portrait Innovations.