What a Game!!!

ROLL TIDE ROLL! This time Alabama showed up!!! They played as a TEAM! Here are some great pictures from Saturday night's game at the Georgia Dome. Jones and Ingram are just going to get better! I did keep myself in check last night. If you don't believe me call Patrick! As Becky said she was in SHOCK, so was I!!!

Weekly Spelling Tests

With Garrett being in 1st grade now comes the challenge of weekly spelling tests. Last week he struggled with his words as it was new to him. This week though we just drilled and drilled it. Apparently it stuck with him. I am pleased to announce that he made a 100!!!!! He had words like "because". I am SO PROUD of him! He worked so hard this week and he was absolutely thrilled. Patrick asked how he did it. Garrett replied, "I just did some thinking!" Love it! He also got to spend a "Buckaroo Buck" for being sooo good this week. His prize he chose was a compass. He told me all the way home which direction we were headed. :) Oh yeah, the Alabama game is not until 6:00 or 7:00pm!

Silly Six

I have been tagged by Becky

The rules are:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules.
3. Tell six unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag six bloggers by linking.
5. Leave a comment for each blogger.

1. The toilet tissue in the bathroom must be set to roll down. I flip it over every time if someone didn't put it on right.

2. I have a thing about my throws on my couches having to be folded a certain way. If Patrick has folded them differently I unfold them and fold them my way.

3. The same thing goes for towels. They must be folded a certain way to fit on the shelf.

4. I can't use any other type of cleaner besides Pine-Sol to clean my bathrooms and floors. It is the way my house smelled as a young child. Thanks to Mom for all those Saturdays as a young child slaving away!!!

5. Patrick is a leftie and I can't stand it when he turns our ironing board the other way.

6. I have to have my sheets tucked in too! Guess that's from Mom too.

I just don't know that many bloggers. And since two people I know have already been tagged I can't tag 6 people. Just read and laugh!

Alabama Football Season is Here!!!

YAY! It is finally here. Can you believe it? Well, I certainly hope we do better than the last 4 games last season. The Tuscaloosa News today had a HUGE spread about the depth, coaches, and the list goes on. JPW just needs to prove himself. He sure did prove that he could munch on food at the Tuscaloosa Cracker Barrel a couple of months back! I am going to try to act civil this season. I PROMISE!!! The game is in Atlanta and will be on ABC around 1:00 or 2:00pm! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!

Space, Shoes, and Sisters

Sunday, we took the boys to the movies once again! This time we watched Space Chimps. With the boys being such monkeys, I thought how fitting. Brendan was captivated by the movie, he didn't budge!!! It seems as if they are trying to make more films for kids lately. We also want to go see Star Wars: "The Clone Wars"!

Tuesday, I picked Brendan up after a long day of teaching. I was really ready to go home and just chill out. Anyway, Brendan was playing in the church gym without his shoes. One of the high school girls who watch him in the afternoon went to look for them. Of course she couldn't find them (his good, brown sandals). So, I decided to just leave and pray that somehow we would get them back. In the meantime, they called Mrs. Susan, his teacher. She told them how mischevious he is and likes to put things in the garbage that do not belong in it! All the girls in the daycare went "Dumpster Diving" and they ended up finding his good, brown sandals. The director, Mrs. Terri, ended up delivering them personally to the house. Needless to say he is now wearing shoes that he can't get off during the day! That's not to say that another dumpster diving session won't happen! That's my little monkey for you!

Thursday night, I went to a "Sisters" event at church. My care group leader, Sonya, invited me to attend and sit at her table. She and her husband have just started coming to church at Valley View. Very godly, sweet people! I truly enjoyed myself. We ate dinner, talked about life, and laughed. The speaker, Paige Hughes, was wonderful. She talked about the seasons of life in women. No matter what season of life we are in we must determine if we are "annuals" or "perennials". We can't just be annuals and let our spiritual lives fade out! We must be perennials and keep blooming over and over again! I am very grateful that I went.

Kindergarten Memories

It is hard to believe Garrett is already a 1st grader and now Kindergarten is just a memory! Here are a few pictures of some fun moments from last year!!!

Building Blocks and Chasing Frogs

Oh, the many things boys love to do! Building blocks, chasing frogs/crickets, and fishing are some of Garrett's favorite things. I'm sure Brendan will be following in his footsteps!!! He is all about his big brother.

Garrett's Baseball Season

Garrett really enjoyed baseball this year. He met a lot of new friends. His friend, Ben, has even visited us at the house. Ben is the blonde-headed one in the back row of the trophy picture. He and his family have started coming to church too! Garrett's hitting got better and better each game. He still is working on his catching. He did make All-Stars for this year! They won their sub-district and made it to at least 4th or 5th place in district competition. The picture of Garrett holding his head is funny because he said he had "BRAIN FREEZE." Garrett said he wants to play again this fall and he wants to play basketball too!

A Family Visit

I made it through the first week of school! I have 14 students, which is a dream for third grade. So far the students seem to be pretty well behaved. I know it probably want stay that way, but for now that is AWESOME! We went to Jasper this weekend to visit my parents, Brent and Becky, and the girls. Ally and Claire are so big. They are too cute! Brendan asked several times, "Where Nana car go?" We told him it was broken and smashed. She wrecked her car pretty badly. Well, anyway he is now walking around saying, "Nana - car - smashed - it -broken!" That's baby language for you. Also we watched the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics. I'm personally looking forward to seeing the swimming and the diving competitions. Oh yeah, "Thanks to Becky for the pictures!!!" And we all wished Jill, Dave, Grayson, and Griffin had been there too!!!