The Energizer Bunny and Energetic Boys

This was a fun-filled Saturday! The boys thoroughly enjoyed running through the grass and tackling one another. They are also really good at just being plain silly! The hot air balloon show was AWESOME! The Energizer Bunny balloon was so HUGE!!! One lady said that it is larger than the Statue of Liberty supposedly! Well it was rather enormous. If this show comes again, we will definitely be there once again! The mayor is really trying to improve Tuscaloosa and bring new things into the city. Hopefully in the next couple of years the air show will return too!

Montgomery Zoo Field Trip

Garrett went on a first grade field trip to the Montgomery Zoo! Patrick went with him and it looks like they had a great time. Wish I could have been there, but had to work. Love the baby elephant...ROLL TIDE! The lion looks like it is getting plenty of rest in the shade. The monkey is absolutely hilarious and reminds me of Garrett swinging on the monkey bars at school. Patrick of course could not forget his beloved favorite..the eagle! The tiger picture is pretty AWESOME! Enjoy the pictures!

Garrett's 7th Birthday!!!

On the day of Garrett's birthday party he had a ball game earlier! He also got a team picture made that day. You can check it out below! Kim, Greg, Jordan, and Jamison came to watch him play. That was so sweet of them to come and make a day of it and then come to the party later!!! Garrett was so excited about having his party at Chuck E. Cheese that day! His favorite games of course were Skee Ball and Basketball. He racked up a few tickets at each game. Also Jordan and Jamison were very generous and gave him over 800 tickets!!! He redeemed them for a Chuck E. Cheese shirt which he proudly wore to school on Monday. He enjoyed opening his presents and his face was great opening each one! Last, but not least, Nana and Pop got him his long awaited Razor that he'd been wanting. He proudly rode it through the house and in the garage when we got home from the party. We were very grateful for all the people who came and shared this special day!