Brendan's 4th Birthday - Back in February

I know it has been a while since I posted. These are from Brendan's 4th Birthday! Hard to believe that he'll be in Kindergarten next year! He is growing up too fast. On this special day too, Garrett lost his first tooth! Brendan enjoyed all of the toys he got and was so happy as always!

Before the party of course a little curious one got into the cake and it had to be patched up as best as we could do it! Brendan received a Leapster Tag pen and books from mom. Our gift to him was the Fisher Price/ESPN baseball machine, which he loves and knocks the mess out of it every time we get it out. All the extended family brought gifts as well and he loved every one of them. Cars, aqua-doodles, balls...typical boys stuff! Enjoy the pictures!

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